Denim washing

Washing and dyeing of every type of jeans in Nereto

In the wide range of the services provided by Lavanderia Industriale Lavaredo, the best one, which has made the company one of the most sought after in the area, is dyeing, special treatment and jeans washing.
A garment that has made the history of entire generations and still today an icon of casual clothing, but also elegant: first worn only by boys and young adults, now this particular type of trousers has become a true symbol, shown off with pride from everyone.
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Jeans washing 

By its very nature the denim fabric tends to discolor, especially in the case of a particularly dark dye: this is also part of its charm. However, if you want to reduce this problem and keep the original dye, it is a good idea to wash the jeans at low temperature, preferably inside out, with a detergent for dark clothes.
Inside its factory, the Lavanderia Industriale Lavaredo deals with jeans washing, using the latest machinery, which leaves neither fading nor white lines in the rubbing points.

Stone washing

One of the most requested treatments, which follows the increasingly growing trend of Italian and international fashion, is stone washing. This type of intervention consists of a special wash using a natural pumice stone, in order to make some points of the jeans appear faded or discolored, but without compromising or deteriorating the fabric. The result of this service is a casual garment, which responds to the current needs of world fashion and confirms its status as an icon, symbol of entire generations.
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